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Daisuke Ono & Noriaki Sugiyama commentary for Kuroshitsuji Season 3


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Anonymous sent: where didyou watch it?!


Someone uploaded the LQ episode to some websites. In case of regional restriction/virus, I have hosted the video in my Mediafire folder for you to access.

Download 黒執事 Book of Circus 放送直前SP ~その執事、広報~ here.

It’s really LQ and there is nothing new to disclose. And no matter how much teaser footage they release, there is still no William. B| *judges* I mean, you invited Sugiyama Noriaki to co-host the show, is it really that hard to show us William in his ridiculous yellow suit for a split second?

Well at least they showed him after all this time. TAT

Sugiyama Noriaki is such a cutie you have no idea.

Kuroshitsuji ~book of circus~ before the broadcast Special

Noriaki Sugiyama at Kuroshitsuji Seiyuu Event: Red Valentine.


Look at these two handsome devils.


Finally a new pic of Nontan on the axl blog~

A picture after finishing up a narration.

high resolution →


It’s an old pic I put together but I don’t think I’ve ever posted this.

Can’t wait to see these guys again in the anime!


Picture from Nontan’s appearance for the Meganebu broadcast in February (I think it was February at least).

Always awesome when he’s on the radio since there’s normally a picture for it.

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