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From TAKA’s relfection MV~

Gifs for peanutbutterchocolatebar


Doctor!Nontan in TAKA’s Reflection MV~

My CD/DVD came in earlier woo


Another couple pictures from the Meganebu event, but this time from Suzuki Chihiro’s blog (1) and Kouki Miyata’s blog (2/3).

A very handsome Nontan.


Nontan with a poster for Kamiaso from the Axl Blog.

If you click the source they also embedded a video for it. That is some jazzy music, mmmmm.


Couple quick screencaps before I head out. Nontan at the BF Event.

First one they were talking about Nontan’s very serious adult-like character and then he turns around and looks down at the poster’s pants eventually….haha.

Second is from the live skit they did. He uses such a cute voice.


Nontan with Satou Takuya during the NORN9 Event.

romantica-spade sent: hello! it's me who ask you about gif question. and I don't know why to that my ask is deleted >< I'm sorry! and thankyou so much for answer my question and thankyo for the link! :D

I’m not sure either so I’m glad you saw that post instead! And you are welcome, it’s no problem :)

We got an ask earlier about where these gifs came from, but I think the ask was deleted on accident. It’s from the new season presentation for Kuroshitsuji at Anime Japan 2014 and one place you can watch a short clip of it is here.

Non-tan at Kuroshitsuji new season presentation!



This game is insanely addicting… So I made an Edition with Nontan pictures.

Numberless is version [here] | Number version [here]

Was made with “Make Your own 2048

Source for each picture: [2/4/8/16/32/64/128/256/512/1024/2048]

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