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Nontan with Suwabe Junichi for the radio broadcast they did.

Anonymous sent: Can you show me an interview about Sugiyama where he talks about Sasuke? I'm interested in it

I can’t recall any direct interviews off the top of my head that are still available online. If you want some general Nontan talking about or doing skits about Sasuke there is always the Naruto Nippon radio series (31-35 for sure). There are a couple episodes still on youtube I believe, here’s a playlist with a few.

There was an actual interview on an old dvd that I had mentioned in a previous ask a long time ago where Nontan cried discussing Sasuke and Itachi, but any links I had found have long since been dead and the dvd (it was a limited edition) sold out very quickly :(

If another admin or follower has some to add please do!

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Nontan will be doing another broadcast with Suwabe Junichi this week (like last week’s broadcast). You will be able to listen to it here.

Keep in mind that it’s 4/23 12:00 JSTif you plan to catch it.

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Nontan at the Fate/kaleid liner fan event~

A lot of the fellow cast and featured artists.


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From TAKA’s relfection MV~

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Doctor!Nontan in TAKA’s Reflection MV~

My CD/DVD came in earlier woo


Another couple pictures from the Meganebu event, but this time from Suzuki Chihiro’s blog (1) and Kouki Miyata’s blog (2/3).

A very handsome Nontan.


Nontan with a poster for Kamiaso from the Axl Blog.

If you click the source they also embedded a video for it. That is some jazzy music, mmmmm.


Couple quick screencaps before I head out. Nontan at the BF Event.

First one they were talking about Nontan’s very serious adult-like character and then he turns around and looks down at the poster’s pants eventually….haha.

Second is from the live skit they did. He uses such a cute voice.

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